Our Story

We are a team of young multidisciplinary specialists based in Salt Lake City with an array of integrated expertise in the digital, design, and marketing industries. We realize that our differences, everything from our key set of skills all the way to our cultural backrounds make us both strong and unique. Although our stories vary, every member of our team is a driving force in Millennial Marketing Kings mission to lead your business onto the road of success.

Our Services


We will design and implement marketing strategies that will leave a pleasant, memorable taste with your customers.


Being easy to find isn’t always easy.  Therefore, we will carefully monitor all of your online content to make sure google prioritizes your business.

Social Media

Utilizing the most powerful media platforms in the world to maximize your businesses potential through current & ever evolving strategies.

Web Design

Beautifully displaying your business while maintaining simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness, is what we specialize in.

Graphic Design

Being more memorable than your competitor is usually the single most important aspect in business. We make this easy.

Paid Ads (PPC)

By utilizing dozens of media platforms, we can acquire new and recurring customers through paid media advertising.

Content Creation

Not sure what your website needs? Signs, cards, billboards etc….. Let us design & write it for you.

Custom Videos

We design, & create a custom branding video that will keep your business model fresh.


With extensive data analytics, we can find out what is working & what is not. Keeping your marketing expenses profitable.


First, we need to get to know each other on a  personal level.  We need to understand the  driving force behind your business – your “Why”.


This is where all of our collaborative ideas become a living, breathing creation.  This process is an open synergy between you and our team, where agile implentation of modifications and improvements are essential.




Now that we know what you’re all about, we can befin a framework of coherent ideas for your business plan centered around a detailed ideal customer profile.


We meticulously analyze the results of every step of the creative process and execution.  Our client approach ensures that we find and eliminate any interferences with user experience, both functional and emotional.

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